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Dufnering Chip Shot

Recently we saw 2013 USPGA champion, Jason Dufner use this shot very effectively during the tournament.

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Early Releasing Drill

All golfers can hit a variety of golf shots but if you want to lose power and hit shots, heavy, left and right then the early release is for you!

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Timing your swing

This is a great drill for keeping your timing and improving your chipping and pitching.

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Why the left arm must stay straight

The swing itself is something that we shouldn’t think about. The outcome of the swing happens from good function during the swing.

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Why is it so close?

Ever hit a shot into the green, thought you had played a great shot but the ball just kept rolling! The next thing you have is a shot like this!

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Getting the right feel

The backswing is all about creating resistance and you have to be relaxed or practically tension free in the upper half of your body to achieve your true potential in the turning or pivoting of the body.

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